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We deliver water tanks to Tweed Heads and surrounding areas for FREE*. These areas including; Southport, Gold Coast, Murwillumbah, Coolangatta, Burleigh, Robina, Springbrook, Kingscliff, Pottsville, Hastings Point and more.

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10 Tips for saving water:

1. Invest in a rainwater tank – Installing a rainwater tank will ease your water footprint on the world.
2. Turn off the tap – Don’t leave your faucet running in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry while doing duties. This wastes a lot of precious water.
3. Wash your car on the lawn – Washing your car on the lawn. This doubles as watering the lawn and keeps your grass beautiful and green.
4. Take shorter showers – Minimising the time you spend in the shower will, in turn, save water.



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5. Minimise your water footprint

Water footprint is calculated by the amount of water used to produce each of the products and services we use.
6. Run your dishwasher and washing machine only when there is a full load.
7. Install water saving devices – Purchase water saving shower heads and taps.
8. Fix drips! – Fix drips as soon as you notice them as they could quickly put a large dent in a water tanks water overnight.
9. Water your garden at night – Watering your garden at night will allow the water to soak deeper into the soil. This is so it’s not sucked up by the hot air of the day.
10. Utilise all your roof space – Ensure the rain that falls onto your roof runs into clear gutters and drainpipes.

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Your one-stop shop.

Nrrtanks Pty Ltd is your one-stop shop for all your rainwater tank needs. Feel free to ask us any questions about rainwater tanks in Tweed Heads we will be more than happy to help you.

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