Water Tanks Murwillumbah

water tAnks Murwillumbah

NRRTanks Pty Ltd, deliver water tanks to Murwillumbah for FREE. Not only will we transport our poly water tank range to you for free in Murwillumbah we will even put it in place and insert the fitting on site. Installing the fittings on site ensures that there is no damage to the tank walls during transit, along with keeping all the accessories together inside the truck in a safe place, therefore not lost during transport.

Our poly water tanks taper towards the top; in other words, the walls are thicker at the base. When combining the tapered walls, with the corrugated profile and that they are one-piece construction. Our water tanks are one of the strongest on the market.

Metal Water Tanks

Our metal water tanks are made out of various materials the most popular being the corrugated AQUAPLATE® steel water tanks. They are available in all the Colorbond equivalent colours. When it comes to size, all our metal water tanks that come from Kingspan are made to measure. Meaning, the water tanks are made to whatever size and shape* you require. We even make square water tanks to order. There are man benefits to each style when choosing a water tank.


Slimline metal water tanks are an excellent choice for tight spaces, allowing the most water storage capacity of the possible area. They are genuine BlueScope AQUAPLATE® Steel. They have a fully engineered inner stainless steel support frame.


Round water tanks come in many different sizes and shapes. Some water tanks are required to be shorter and rounder than others. This style is the traditional most popular style of a water tank. Manufactured with a corrugated profile and extra full sheets, these are water tanks have minimal seems.


Square water tanks take up the same ‘footprint’ as a round water tank yet will hold a lot more water as it takes up the full space provided. The square water tanks still have a corrugated profile and again have rounded edged to support the pressure of water inside the water tank. This style of water tank maximises water storage in tight spaces.

If you would like a quote on a metal water tank in Murwillumbah please contact us via the form below other wise please call 02 6624 4662.


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