Water Tanks Coffs Harbour

Water Tanks Coffs Harbour

We deliver water tanks to Coffs Harbour for free. Call us for details. Water is the Earths, most precious resource. It’s one that most life on this planet, including humans, cannot live without.

Water can be obtained by us from by three different sources, including; surface water, underground water and the rain. The Rain includes such precipitation as snow and hail; therefore, tends to replenish the other two sources of water through the natural water cycle. The water cycle is a significant aspect of the worlds weather patterns.

Northern Rivers Rainwater Tanks are in Goonellabah NSW, however, deliver to Coffs Harbour NSW for free. 

Fun Water Facts: We need water to survive. Our bodies are made up of approx. 60% of water while our brains are approximately 75% and our lungs 90%. There is no life without water!

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When deciding to purchase a water tank in Coffs Harbour, there are a few things to keep in mind.
The towns supply of water comes from the Clarence River Catchment area. Even though it comes from both the Orara River and the Nymboida River. 

The Clarence River catchment is 22,716km2 in size; it is the largest river systems on the east coast of Australia. However, the Coffs Harbour City Council still advise on their website, that having a water tank is important. It is especially vital in times of drought and water restrictions.
The Coffs Harbour City Council have even produced an ‘Information for Installing Rainwater Tanks in the Coffs Harbour City Council Area’ sheet. This is to help residents with a water tank purchases.

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