Water Tanks Alstonville


Water Tanks Alstonville

Nrrtanks Pty Ltd is in Goonellabah, near Alstonville northern NSW. We offer free delivery to our customers in Alstonville and surrounding areas such as Ballina, Lismore, Bexhill, Clunes, Bangalow and Byron Bay, when they purchase one of our poly water tanks.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when purchasing a water tank.


What do I put under my water tank in Alstonville?

Water tanks usually sit on a bed of crusher dust. This base needs to be compacted and level. It also needs to be at least 100mm thick, and at least 500mm wider than the diameter of the water tank. The sand or crusher dust must have a retaining border to ensure it doesn’t wash away in rainy weather. You can also use concrete as a tank base.

Please see the water tank site preparation for more details.

Do I have to connect my water tank to my washing machine and toilet?

You can have your rainwater tank plumbed into your whole house or just a few places.  Washing machines and bathrooms can use rainwater from your tank. Connecting your washing machine and toilet allows you to take full advantage of the rebates. Living in Alstonville, you will be eligible to claim the Rous Water Rebate just for the water tank size itself and even more if you connect it to your washing machine and toilet. Please see the Rous Water Rebate guide for more information.

Will the plastic taint the water taste?

No. Our round poly water tanks are made from food-grade polyethylene, which is Australian certified. There will be no taste or smell to the water, even in extreme heat. 

How long will our poly water tanks last?

Our Clark Tank water tanks are built to last. The round poly water tanks come with a 25-year warranty, which is more than other water tank companies.

What shape of water tank do I choose?

There are three main shapes of poly water tanks; Round Tall, Round Squat and Slimline. Round Squat water tanks are regular round water tanks that are shorter; therefore, they can fit under a deck and low gutters. Slimline water tanks are narrow and are best for small yards or space-saving situations. Slimline water tanks fit perfectly along the side of a house.

We advise to always collect as much water as possible, so the size is usually determined by the amount of room you have in your yard. Your budget is another factor to take into consideration when choosing a size.

Please contact us from any information about Water Tanks in Alstonville.

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