The Benefits of Owning your very own Rainwater Tank.

  • A rainwater tank could be hooked up to your gutter pipe and then connected to a tap or hose. This is a gravity fed system. It is useful for situations where your water tank is above the area where your hose nozzle or tap fitting is. The water tank can also be placed on top of a stand; so, a bucket will fit under the nozzle. That way the bucket fits under the tap.
  • You could connect your water tank to a pump and pressure fed the water anywhere, depending on the size pump you choose.
  • Rainwater is excellent for your garden so, you have lush green lawns and beautiful gardens all year round.
  • It reduces the stress on the town’s water supply. This is particularly important during times of water restrictions. Also, you will have the benefit of using fresh rainwater from your water tank during drought.
  • It reduces the need for new dams or desalination plants.
  • You could use a filtration device for fresh, clean drinking water. Nothing compares to rainwater which.
  • You will be helping the environment and also saving money. Using chemical free water on your gardens, fruit trees and lawns.
  • Water tanks come in all shapes and sizes to compliment your needs. We have slimline water tanks that go alongside a house. Large water tanks for rural properties. We even have squat style water tanks to go underneath decks and verandahs.
  • You can use rainwater to wash chemicals off your fruit and vegetables before you eat them.
  • There are rainwater tank rebates. There is a tank capacity rebate and an additional installation rebate. You can hook your water tank up to your washing machine and toilet and take full advantage of the rebates.

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