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Water Tanks Walgett

Nrrtanks – Water Tanks Walgett is your one-stop shop for rainwater tanks and accessories. We delivery to Walgett and surrounding areas such as; Bourke, Brewarrina, Lightning Ridge, Dubbo, NarrabriMoree, St George and more.

We supply rainwater tanks and accessories to the whole east coast of Australia. Our rainwater tanks food grade Polyethylene and are of the highest Australian standard. We have many different sizes and styles, for example; Our Slimline water tanks are narrow enough to place along the side of a house. Our Squat water tanks are shorter than the usual tall water tanks and can fit under a deck or low roof.

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There are many different uses of the water you collect in your
water tanks in Walgett.

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What can i use the water for inside?

Indoor Uses

Washing clothes

Having a washing machine plumbed into your rainwater tank.

Washing Vegetables & Cooking

Government websites strongly suggest a filter before use.

Drinking & Washing Dishes

Government websites strongly recommend a using a filter before water is dank or used to clean dishes.

Toilet & Showering

Plumb your rainwater tank and connect it to your bathroom in Walgett.

Outdoor Uses

Washing the Car

Having a pump and hose on your water tank is handy for washing the car.


Pump & hose or even gravity feeding to your garden is a great idea so, it saves water.

Filling Swimming Pools & Spas

Save water and use the rain that falls from the sky to fill your pools and spas in.

Water features & Ornamental Ponds

Don’t waste water on water features use water you have collected for free, therefore, this will save you money.

Fire Fighting

In some areas, it is required to have a specific size water tank with water reserved, therefore, it can be used for fire fighting.

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