Water Tanks Grafton

Water tanks Grafton

Northern Rivers Rainwater Tanks Pty Ltd is your rainwater tank specialist for Grafton, Northern New South Wales. We sell a wide range of water tanks. Poly (plastic) water tanks, galvanised steel, stainless steel, zincalume, and Colorbond (Aquaplate) water tanks. 

We deliver to Grafton and surrounding areas such as Seelands, Ulmarra, Coutts Crossing, Chambigne, Copmanhurts, Brushgrove, Tucabia and more.

Types of water tanks

Our poly water tanks will be delivered directly onto the site. We will even drill your inlet and outlet holes, and insert your fittings on delivery. This is to ensure there is no damage during transport and the holes are in the correct location. All poly water tanks are UV-stabilised, food-grade polyethylene, so, there will be no smell or taste to taint the water. Our poly water tank range comes in many shapes and sizes. For example;

Round corrugated

Our poly water tanks come in many shapes and sizes. For example; We sell round corrugated tanks, that are a one-piece construction. These water tanks have thicker walls towards the base for maximum integral strength. These tanks come with a 25-year warranty and range from 1,000L to 46,800L.


We sell slimline water tanks to Grafton. Slimline water tanks are water tanks with a long skinny profile. These rainwater tanks are excellent for along the side of a house. They come in sizes ranging from 2,000L to 5,000L, however, you can connect them together to increase water capacity. Slimline water tanks are designed for durability, space saving, and cost efficiency. You can even make privacy walls from them if you don’t have much fencing.


Designed with a fully integrated self-cleaning filter. Our Underground water tanks called Li-Lo Underground Tanks are one of the shallowest excavation designs on the market. They are available in 5,000L, 3,000L & 1,600L. They have a 15-year warranty.

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