Water Tanks Armidale

Water Tanks Armidale

We deliver water tanks to Armidale including; Tilbuster, Uralla, Arding, Black Mountain, Kentucky, Guyra, Ebor, Tamworthand more.

Armidale is a city on the northern tablelands of NSW. I know what you are thinking. Why purchase a water tank from someone that is 300klm’s away? Because we are the best at what we do. Not only do we sell rain rainwater tanks we install them, so, we know what we are talking about. Catching rainwater has been a necessity over the years for farmers and people not connected to the main supply. For some people these days it is a luxury.

You have to remember that collecting the water that falls from the sky saves your water bills, is healthier and helps the environment. Purchasing a water tank in Armidale also supports the local environment, as it; reduces the physical impact of stormwater on roads, small streams and local flooding.

Water Tanks Armidale - Northern Rivers Rainwater Tanks Pty Ltd is based in the Northern Region of NSW.

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Rainwater has been used for many hundreds of thousands of years, for such things as; drinking, bathing, washing food, washing clothes, washing cars, watering gardens, filling pools and watering crops. There is no new news that fresh rainwater is better than the water that comes from our taps.

The Armidale City Council, however, suggest that the water from water tanks should go through treatment or filtration before it is use for drinking water. Please feel free to read more information on drinking tank water on the NSW Government Website

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