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Water Tanks Kyogle.

Delivering Water Tanks FREE* to Kyogle and surrounding areas such as; Geneva, New Park, Nimbin, Lismore, Stoney Chute and more.

When considering to add a water tank to your property in Kyogle there are some things you need to think about.

For example; The roof catchment area of your house or shed, would, therefore, determine the size water tank you should purchase.

There may be rebates available for you to claim. Contact us today for information regarding the NSW Drought Assistance Rebate and other rebates for water tanks in Kyogle.

Another factor is, if you will be plumbing it into your house? A lot of people decide to hook their water tanks up to their toilet and washing machine.

What size will you need? an average person can use between 340-800 litres of water a day!

When you take note of the amount of water used each day, by each person, it’s quite a surprise everyone doesn’t have a water tank already!

Tips to Save Water

Save Water

Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth. Don’t leave any tap running for too long as you could empty a water tank overnight with a leaky faucet.


Keep showers as short as possible. Showering with a bucket to collect additional water is also useful for watering the garden with.


Invest in a dual flush toilet cistern. Fix any leaking taps and toilets as soon as possible.

Shower Head

Use water efficient shower heads and other tap fittings in your home.

Scrape Dishes

Avoid rinsing your dishes before filling the dishwasher. Instead why don't you scrape the scraps into the garbage bin.

Fill Dishwashers

Make sure your dishwasher and washing machine is full before you turn them on. Dishwashers use approximately 50L of water every load. Washing machines use 150L of water.

Save Money & water

Save $

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These steps will save you water and money. Please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about water tanks in Kyogle.

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I gravity feed my water tank and bucket the water for my garden.

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