Water Tanks Byron Bay

Water Tanks Byron Bay

Are you looking for water tanks in Byron Bay? Welcome to Nrrtanks Pty Ltd. We deliver our poly water tanks for free to Byron Bay and surrounding areas, such as; Lennox Head, Brunswick Head, Bangalow, Mullumbimby, Ocean Shores,  Nimbin, Suffolk Park and more.

Lets have a look at rain harvesting.

Rain falls onto a roof; therefore; it is collected by the gutters and drain pipes and goes down the drain. What a waste!

Think about the millions of litres of water that could be collected each year! Now multiply that by the number of houses in your street. That’s just your street, imagine how much rainwater could be stored if the whole country had water tanks. It would benefit us all in drought times as well as help the environment.

The average household uses approximately 900L a day. That’s approx. 27,000L a month, just for one house. Now you can imagine how this puts massive stress on our mains water supply. A water tank in Bryon Bay is a great way to reduce the burden on our local dams.

There are a few other aspects of buying a water tank that you need to consider.

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Questions to think about.


Where will your water tank go?

Consider the location of your water tank. Where will it collect the most water and where will the water be distributed? Think about what you can use with your rainwater.

What size do you need?

Size isn’t just determined on how much you wish to store. You have to make sure that it fits in the location you want to place it.

What colour you would like?

Our poly water tank colours correspond to the Colorbond colours. So, you can easily match your water tank to your shed or house. The most sold colour in our poly tank range is Rivergum, which coincidently blends nicely into the greenery.

What kind of water tank will you choose?

Some people swear by corrugated iron water tanks, however, our Poly Water Tank range is much more cost effective and also completely safe. They also come in all Colorbond colour equivalents for those who like the Colorbond colours.

What Our Customers say

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Northern Rivers Rainwater Tanks helped me with choosing a water tank and pump. They also were extremely helpful through the installation process.

John White

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Just a quick thank you and to let you know my tanks are full and i will be after another very shortly!

Laura Moore

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