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We deliver water tanks to Armidale and its surrounding regions, including; Tilbuster, Uralla, Arding, Black Mountain, Kentucky, Guyra, Ebor and TAMWORTH.

Armidale is a city on the northern tablelands of NSW. I know what you are thinking. Why purchase a water tank from a business over 300 kilometres away? Because our team is the best in the business at what we do, water tanks are our specialty. Our company not only supplies rainwater tanks and accessories, but we also have our own fully qualified licensed plumbers installing them, so when it comes to rainwater harvesting products, we know what we’re talking about.

Rainwater Tank Collecting & Distribution System

What will you connect your water tank to? We can help you with design a full rainwater harvesting system with our products.

Water Tanks Armidale - Northern Rivers Rainwater Tanks Pty Ltd is based in the Northern Region of NSW.

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People without access to mains water have relied on collecting and storing rainwater for decades. Nowadays, many people find harvesting fresh, clean water from the sky a luxury. There are many cost, health and environmental benefits of using rainwater instead of water from our taps and pipes.

Rainwater is harvested and then utilised for many things, such as washing, watering, and topping up pools, to name a few. The Armidale City Council, however, suggest that the stored water from rainwater tanks should go through treatment or filtration before being consumed for drinking. Please feel free to read more information on drinking tank water on the NSW Government Website.

Rainwater is mother nature’s ultimate gift to us. Not only does it help our digestive process, it reduces bloating, decreases joint pain and reduces inflammation. It has many beneficial nutrients and minerals helping boost our immune system and keep us healthy. 

Storing rainwater not only saves you money on mains water bills, but it also reduces the physical impact of stormwater on roads, small streams and local flooding. For all our products with even more great benefits, see OUR STORE.

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