The Many Benefits of Rainwater Tanks...

FACT: Much of NSW has been hit with droughts for several years now. Contact us about the drough assistance rebate.

Farmers are walking away from their farmland, and city dwellers have faced strict water restrictions. One of the biggest drains on a city's water supply is for gardening. Owning a quality rainwater tank is an investment in the future. It can help your property and the environment.

Most Australians would be quick to tell you that they love their lush lawns and beautiful gardens, but you have to agree that it is often a waste of a precious resource - water, which is needed a lot more for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

FACT: gardens account for one-third or more of home water use, and it is the largest contributing factor in the water shortage.

No matter where you are in the Northern Rivers, water supplies are having a difficult time coping with it being used for gardens, but there is another solution - rainwater tanks - they can keep the garden looking great and do their part for the environment also.

Rainwater tanks are just the thing to be able to create your gardens and keep them lush, green, and beautiful all year round. The key is to have enough rainwater tanks and the right systems installed to meet your gardening needs.

Tanks are available in a wide variety of capacities as well as the smaller, slimmer tanks, which are a great choice for a small area because they can easily be tucked out of the way and painted to match the house. They blend nicely; you can even hide them with plants. Some panels can be used as fencing or as wall panels.

Rainwater used for the gardens is a smart choice for the environment and you don't have to do a thing to the water before you use it on your:

Fruit Trees
Flowers, and Lawns.
In fact, rainwater is often much healthier for them then the water that comes through your taps because of the chemicals used to treat household water supplies to make it drinkable.

Nothing Compares to Pure, Natural FREE Rainwater That Falls from the Sky...

Rainwater will be great for the garden and the environment and it won't cost you nearly what you think. There's an added bonus in new south wales water tanks are all available with a government subsidy. Check with your local rainwater tank company for water tank subsidies in your area.

But don't stop there - you can collect rainwater in your rainwater tanks to use in your household water too.
Rainwater tanks don't just need to be used for gardening. Just a simple hookup by our plumbers and you can use the water to wash clothes, in your dishwasher, or in the toilet. And with a filter system you can even drink rainwater, yes that's right drink it - and you'll save a bundle in water bills.

Rainwater tanks will have your gardens looking beautiful and that's just the beginning!

Rebates are available contact us

rain havesting

NSW, SA & ACT Drought Assistance Rebate available view here for more information.

How Rainwater Tanks Work

how rainwater tanks work

Ever wondered how a rainwater tank works and why you should have one?

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